About This Site

Hello and welcome to “Working From Home”.

This site is the work of Mark Hadley, a forty six year old, father of two, who has somehow managed to make a living as a web designer/developer for over 15 years!

I live in Sheffield in the UK.

I am a freelancer and I work from home. Over the years, my lifestyle as a sedentary computer based home-worker has taken it’s toll on my health. You can read all about it.

I started this site to document my journey to improve my health, and my work environment. I hope that these posts will make me more accountable and be useful to other people who find themselves in similar situations!

I’m not trained as a health practitioner in any way so please always consult the experts if you are unsure about whether you should follow any “advice” you might read on this site – read my full disclaimer.

Happy reading, moving, and eating.

Mark 2016.