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Working from home requires that you take special care of your state of mind. So you’ll probably need some help with motivation, procrastination, and habits…

Getting Out Of The House

View over Upper Fulwood

If you work from home I think it’s important that you make getting out of the house part of your daily routine. It’s good for your sanity and gives you a reason to get dressed in the morning!

Joking aside, if you are like me and prone to a touch of social anxiety creeping up on you over a few days, then getting out and about is crucial to keep you in a more balanced, less anxious place.

I’ve been lucky enough to work from home for over 12 years. It’s a great way to make your living and it comes with a lot of freedom to decide upon your own working schedule, and the flexibility to work around your family’s needs, but it can lead to you spending a lot of your day on your own, indoors.

I’ve mentioned before about how I like to use podcasts to replace a bit of that human interaction. And I also try to get out at least once in the day, often more, and there are a number of different things I do that enable me to leave the house.

Most days I take the kids to and from school which is a great opportunity to talk to friends albeit just for a few minutes.

Twice a week I go to the gym, this is usually early in the morning or on Saturdays, but it’s still a trip out to a place full of other people, doing the same thing as me – trying to get fit!

And then on “non-gym” days I go for a walk or a cycle. Being outdoors gives me a healthy change of environment and an experience of open space that offers a welcome contrast to the four walls and computer screen of work. It’s relaxing, good exercise, and an opportunity to practice my long focusing!

I’m lucky where I live, Sheffield is a city with a lot of green spaces. There are beautiful leafy green Victorian suburbs near my house to walk around, and the countryside and Peak District are only a short cycle away.

Getting out also gets me a daily dose of sun rays which allows for a bit of vital vitamin D production.

So make sure you get out and about, talk to people, get some exercise, get some sun, it makes working from home much easier.