Thank You Podcasts

Working from home can be hard socially as you might have to spend a large part of the day on your own. That’s okay for some folks and not so good for others – we all need different amounts of interaction with other people.

I’m okay on my own in the working day as I see my family and friends the rest of the time and I like to concentrate on work, it suits me.

I’ve never really invested in social media either, it takes too much time and energy for me and I don’t get enough reward. I do try to get out of the house during the day though, I tend to go for a walk before lunch, but even then I don’t often talk to people apart from the occasional “morning”.

Although I’m not lonely, it is nice to interact with people, have a chat, hear some other humans, and I often end up not talking to (or hearing) anyone for a large chunk of the day.

This is one of the things that listening to podcasts helps me with. It’s the same with radio and I do sometimes listen to the radio, but podcasts allow me to choose what I listen to, when.

Of course, I’m not talking to people, but all those chattering voices make me feel a bit more human. And podcasts are also excellent for feeling part of a community, remaining motivated, and learning.

I listen to podcasts every day and I have done for a few years.

I can’t listen to talking while I’m working – I find only very specific types of music work well with coding and writing – but I do put on podcasts while I’m tidying the house, making and eating lunch, walking, and having breaks.

I’m currently subscribed to 44 podcasts, I don’t listen to every episode of those though! They’re on many different topics – tech, lifestyle, and inspirational podcasts – they come and they go. I’m always trying out new ones, and letting go of others.

But there are a few real favourites that I’ve been listening to for a long time and that I really look forward to each new episode of:

Dharma Seed/Audio Dharma

Dharma Seed
Audio Dharma

I’m only a “part time” follower of Buddhism and mindfulness but it has helped me greatly to get my sometimes anxious and often skittish mind under slightly more control. The talks on these two podcasts are numerous and generally amazing, many different teachers talking about The Dharma. There are a lot so I tend to just dip into the ones I like the sound of. Over time I’ve become reasonably knowledgeable about Theravada Buddhism!

Seanwes Podcast

Seanwes Podcast

The Seanwes Podcast is all about creativity, marketing, business, and how to make something you enjoy into your main work. Sean and Ben go into detail about aspects of these things twice a week. It’s very motivational and has kept me on the right track numerous times. The reason I’m here writing this is mainly due to the advice I’ve got from this podcast.

Latest in Paleo

Latest in Paleo

I’ve spoken briefly about my interest in the paleo diet before and mentioned Latest in Paleo, which is on the 5by5 network and hosted by Angelo Coppola. It’s my main source of paleo and nutrition information, and each week Angelo does a great job summarising the news (which is quite US based) and taking a deeper look at some aspect of diet or lifestyle. I’ve heard about a lot of great ideas, books and films through this podcast.

In Our Time

In Our Time

In Our Time is a BBC podcast. Melvyn Bragg hosts a panel of experts each week to take a detailed look at a subject. The subject matter that comes up here is huge. It’s a great way to get a shot of history, science, philosophy, religion, you never know what you’re going to get. And you also get a few extra minutes on the podcast.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars each episode of 99% Invisible tells the story of an unnoticed architectural or design detail about the world around us. Most episodes are short, around ten to twenty minutes, and the production values are high, it’s very slick. Like In Our time it’s a welcome dose of something thoughtful that you weren’t expecting.

So thank you podcasts for entertaining me, teaching me, and keeping me just a little bit more sane throughout the day.